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[2021-12-27] New Voicetalk in game.
The latest version adds the function of voice recording in the friend session!!! Before the player enters the game, please log in to the game and press the menu button in the lower left corner to confirm that the relevant permissions for the voice have been obtained. In the game, just press and hold to record the call(Max 10 second). At present, it is only open to friend session, and general card games are temporarily not open.

[2021-12-24] Version Release
Thank you for your support, game is released and updated! 1. Fixed an issue where the Apple M1 device's screen was white and the game could not be connected normally.(only for Apple macOS) 2. Officially open offline-mode games to purchase. 3. Added the new function of Voicetalk in the friend table session. Players can start the talk after obtaining the recording permission. 4. Newly added statistical chart function in Member Center. 5. Fix the sound effect of game characters. 6. Fixed issues that many players enthusiastically reported.

[2021-12-24] Apple macOS Version fixed
Thanks for the player's report, the latest version has now fixed the problem of the screen being white and unable to connect. Especially Apple M1 CPU devices, please update as soon as possible!

[2021-11-11] Android 12 Problem fixed
A special update is released for Android to fix the problem that Android 12 cannot be executed normally. Android 12 user are requested to update as soon as possible!

[2021-10-28] Windows 32bit version no support in future.
Since the Windows 32bit environment is outdated, the 32-bit version will no longer be supported in future releases. Please update to the 64-bit version as soon as possible for players currently using 32-bit.

[2021-10-21] The system takes over and changes to the substitution policy
Due to the fairness of the game, to prevent players from leaving inadvertently or maliciously, causing losses to players who are about to win, the system will automatically take over the game of leaving players to the end. 1. When the player leaves, the game is not over yet, the system will automatically take over until settlement. 2. All wins and losses of the takeover are attributed to the player.

[2021-08-17] Straight win mush play continue.
In order to maintain the fairness of the game, from now on, players who are in straight win must continue to play until they leave the straight win, if not the system will take over the game, and all wins and losses will be counted as player points. In the state of playing on behalf of the system, the player can come back at any time to take over and continue the game.

[2021-08-11] Claim Bonus Point
Please pay attention to whether there are reward points in the more buttons in the upper right corner that have not been claimed. Don't forget to claim that you have lost your rights!

[2021-08-06] Win card Style special event
From now on, the tax fee in each round will be allocated to the card style reward incentive points. Players can get credit in the game as long as they self-drawn/drawn and match the announced card style. For more instructions, please refer to the event announcement.

[2021-07-12] Notice of adjustment of service fee (credit)
In upcoming events, the in-game service tax will be adjusted to 15%, and no fees will be charged below 100 points.

[2021-07-01] Game name adjustment
In line with copyright factors, the English name of the game was changed from Mahjong WorldCup to Mahjong GlobalCup.

In order to cope with the policy adjustment of iOS, some specific characters can no longer be provided, please forgive me.

[2021-04-26] Minimal support iOS version to 10
Due to related policies and program updates, from now on, the game can no longer be provided to iOS 9 or below for maintenance. Please update the system to the latest as soon as possible to get the game update.

[2021-01-05] Open for more Base & Factor in future
At the request of players, we will open for more higher Base & Factor

[2020-02-13] Add the South Server
The server has opened the South Server, allowing players to choose freely

[2020-02-07] Everyone work together to prevent pneumonia
Wash hands frequently, do not go to the affected area unless necessary, and wear masks in the enclosed space.

[2019-11-22] Login to get free point
Every Monday to Friday, as long as you login to receive points, you can get up to 3100 points!!

[2019-11-01] Questions and suggestions
Dear players, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us with service center.

[2019-09-20] Mahjong GlobalCup will be officially launched
The Mahjong GlobalCup is officially launched, players are welcome to join, if you have any questions, please email to ask

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